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Numbers Cylindrical Rubik’s Cube

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A Rubik's cube for Young Minds

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  • Ideal for ages 2 to 12 years. 
    Great to introduce your child to mathematical concepts
    Made with Wood and eco-friendly, water-based colours
    Finished with smooth edges to make it safe

  • The Numbers Cylindrical Rubik’s Cube is created to enable children to discover numbers and learn mathematical concepts. The toy assists children in building mathematical and logical skills. It serves a great tool to introduce your child to basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction etc. It also hones motor skills as it requires a strong grip to turn the numbers around. The cube is sized keeping in mind a child's tiny grip. 

    Mama Tips: Teaching your child can be a frustratingly challenging but this wonderful tool makes the process interesting for our kids and us parents alike. 

  • It includes various wooden rings at the center with numbers and mathematical symbols printed on them and fixed spherical wooden circles at both ends to hold the toy and rotate the rings.

  • Builds Mathematical skills 
    Hones Motor Skills
    Improves logical thinking