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Use code MAMAFIRST for 10% off on your first Pre-Paid order above ₹1499.
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Baby Clothes Online - The Conscious Choice

Everyone is talking about sustainable choices and this has trickled down (thankfully) to baby products as well. However, it struck me very recently that parents are more aware of making conscious choices when it comes to toys  (since plastic is an obvious deterrent to most) but when it comes to buying baby clothes online, not many parents prioritize eco-friendly options. 

Here's hoping this little blog post gives you an understanding on why sustainable is the way to go even when buying those cute baby clothes. And for when you're ready, do check out Mama Naturally's selection of baby clothes online

What does "organic baby clothes" mean?

When we say organic baby clothes we mean that the fibres used in making these clothes was naturally grown without the use of any chemical pesticide. Now clothes that are truly organic will also use natural dyes to dye the fabric. Think of natural Indigo for a deep blue or even using Marigold for yellows. We're hearing now that Italy has mineral dyes that are 100% natural and cater to a wide palette of colour. So there is hope that in the very near future 100% organic baby clothes in India will be more prevalent. 

Are sustainable baby clothes the same as organic baby clothes?

Nope. These are not the same thing. Sustainable baby clothing would mean that the entire process from growing the fibres to even delivery is executed keeping the environment in mind. You could have organic clothing that comes to you in a plastic bag that is not the most sustainable or you could have 100% cotton clothing coming in eco-friendly packaging but the cotton fibres might not be organic. 

Mama Naturally is on the cusp of launching our own baby clothes online and through our research and conversations we are very quickly learning that although there are global bodies certifying products to be organic, there is no one body that can certify brands to be sustainable. So it all boils down to how sustainable (and transparent) the manufacturing process is. Was the crop grown in a farm that believes in ethical labour? Was there equal pay? Were the crops using sustainable pesticides? 


Why should you make the shift from regular baby clothes to conscious ones?

Bamboo cotton baby clothes online

It is no secret that the planet needs our help. We need to reduce waste, reduce plastic and try to recycle as much as we can. With run of the mill baby clothes that are readily available online, the cotton could be sourced from farms that produce gallons of waste that pollute the Earth. They might not be prioritizing sustainability but rather aiming for scale and money. 

Whether the cute baby clothes you buy are organic or sustainable, that choice you made means you've already helped the planet in your own little way. These clothes are made to last. The fabric lies soft on your baby's sensitive skin and with 100% organic baby clothes, even the dyes do not use chemicals so they are extremely safe.

With truly sustainable baby clothes, they ensure that even the buttons used are not plastic. Elastic will be used minimally and more likely than not you won't find very many zippers. 

As of today, there are so many incredible brands that are making organic, sustainable baby clothes and selling them online. Whether you're looking for baby clothes for girls or boys, there is ample choice. The quality is better, the prints are oh-so-cute and they are unique.

Simple economics though, without the demand, the pricing cannot come down.  We get so many enquiries asking us why the outfit is so expensive, the fact that it is not manufactured at scale is the reason why. When the demand for these planet-friendly choices increase, the price can come down and the planet can eventually start singing with joy. And that is another reason to make the shift. 

Where can I find conscious baby clothes online?

Lucky for you many players are emerging in the market that provide adorable ranges of planet-friendly baby clothes online. At Mama Naturally, we've curated both traditional wear as well as western wear for babies. And we've only got more coming!

Here's a little taste of some of our top picks. 

Organic Cotton Red Angrakha Set for Newborns

Made with 100% organic cotton, the Angrakha has tie ups making it super easy to put on your newborn baby. The pyjama bottoms are white with an elastic waistband. 


Traditional organic baby clothes online


Bloom Organic Cotton Onesie

A baby onesie that is made with 100% organic cotton. This outfit doesn't use any dyes and comes with an adorable embroidered Peter Pan collar. 

Cute baby clothes online


Blooming Nectar Floral Pink Onesie

Ever heard of Bamboo Cotton? It is a buttery soft cotton that is perfect for newborn clothing. Made with 100% bamboo cotton it is perfect if you're looking for summer clothes for your baby. 


Adorable Baby Clothes Online 

If you've read this far, thank you. We hope you found this little write-up useful. We also hope that the next time you're scouring for baby clothes online, you make the more conscious choice! 

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