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Use code MAMAFIRST for 10% off on your first Pre-Paid order above ₹1499.

5 Must-Haves for Your Baby’s Nursery

With the onset of parenthood, setting up a baby nursery is definitely an exciting task for most parents. The purpose of a baby nursery is to create a safe haven for your baby, and there are some essentials which are a must-have in your baby’s room. While taking care of a baby might seem a bit taxing, these products can make it quite easy for both you and your little one.

Play Mats

Sustainable Play Mats for Babies

Let your baby play to their heart’s content, but in a safe way. Play mats come in a variety of sizes and designs, providing the ideal space for your baby to play and grow. Mama, Naturally offers you the ideal collection of play mats for babies. Made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, these mats are soft, lightweight, and extremely safe for babies. These tailored play mats also come in a range of colourful designs that add to the aesthetics of your baby’s nursery.  

 Crib bags

Sustainable Crib Bags for Babies

Mamas and Dadas, while cribs are first in priority to designing your baby’s nursery, crib bags are known to fewer parents and have the same priority. A crib bag is one that you can attach to your baby’s crib and store all the essential items. It is an extremely convenient accessory that lets you have all the important knick-knacks your little ones require, within your hand’s reach. These crib bags by Mama, Naturally come with five pockets, to store all your baby’s essentials without any fuss. Check out these crib bag varieties, and pamper your baby with ease. 

Storage basket

Storage Baskets for Baby's Room

There isn’t a baby room that is complete without toys. However, storing  large volume of toys can be quite the task for parents. Mama, Naturally offers parents a select range of cute storage baskets to stock up on their child’s toys, leaving the room clutter-free. Unlike regular storage boxes, these are hand-knitted, crafted carefully and curated for your baby’s safety and your convenience. Give your baby a clean and organized nursery. 

Nappy stacker

Nappies are part of the deal once you have a baby. It is all the more important that you store them with quick and easy access. A nappy stacker is the ideal solution to this and a must-have in your baby’s room, leaving your baby’s child’s nappies and diapers organized to a T. Mama, Naturally’s collection of nappy stackers comes with two external pockets and two tie-on loops at the top, giving it an aesthetic appeal and ease of use. Made with 100% cotton, these stackers are also washable. Not only can you ensure hygienic storage for your baby’s nappies but also give them a sense of organization as they grow up. 

Diaper changing mat

A baby needs to feel comforted and at peace while being changed, and this calls for the most efficiently equipped  diaper changing station. Complete your baby’s diaper changing station with a convenient diaper changing mat from Mama, Naturally. These changing mats are reusable, waterproof, extremely handy and portable. 

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