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Use code MAMAFIRST for 10% off on your first Pre-Paid order above ₹1499.

Potty Training Pull-up Pants - 2 to 3y

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Original price Rs. 849.00
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Make potty training a breeze 

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  • Reusable and Waterproof cotton Potty Training Underwear for babies
    Breathable, Comfortable, & Antibacterial 
    Pack of 3
    4 layers of 100% cotton padding 
    TPU Semi Waterproof Layer
    Stay Dry Layer
    Soft Stretch Elastic
    Set contains: Pack of 3. 100% Cotton Padding  
    Ideal age: 2 - 3 years

  • The potty-training underwear ensures you do not have to worry about leaks and stains during the sometimes stressful phase of potty training. It is slim, the leg gusset design ensures leakage, and the thick lining absorbs accidents. The underwear comes with 4 layers of soft, absorbent cotton which is lined with waterproof TPU laminate to help keep clothes dry. The Potty-Training Pull-Up Pant helps catch minor accidents while training. An exceptionally smart aid for mess-free toilet training.

    Mama Tips: Potty training is stressful for most of us Mamas but aids like this sure make the process a little easier. And it must be said, these prints are so adorable!

  • 100% Cotton with a lining of TPU laminate to keep your little one's clothes dry

  • Step 1: Toss the waste of the soiled the underwear directly into the toilet bowl.

    Step 2: Pre-rinse with a gentle detergent to remove any residue

    Step 3: Soak the underwear for 20 - 30 minutes in water mixed with a mild detergent or toss the underwear into the washing machine for a short cycle of 15 to 20 minutes or with your the rest of your clothes at a regular cycle. 

    Step 4: Scrub well with both hands and avoid using a brush. Rinse away all the suds and detergent. For Machine Wash, Spin Dry the nappies. 

    Step 6: Line dry under the sun for a fresh underwear.