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Get 10% off on your first order over ₹1500. Use code MAMAFIRST.
Get 10% off on your first order over ₹1500. Use code MAMAFIRST.

Lactation Cookies

Original price Rs. 345.00 - Original price Rs. 525.00
Original price Rs. 345.00
Rs. 345.00
Rs. 345.00 - Rs. 525.00
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Snacking while Nursing made Healthier

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  • Ingredients
  • Shelf life: 6 months in a sealed jar
    100% natural ingredients
    Locally sourced
    No Preservatives
    No Refined Sugar
    Safe for Pregnant Women
    No added colours

  • Feeling peckish while nursing is very common, these cookies are perfect for satisfying those cravings. Made with healthy ingredients, these cookies are best suited for people with hormonal imbalances, pregnant women, and anyone wanting something healthy to eat.

    Mama Tips: New moms tend to reach out for something to snack on more frequently than others, maybe it's all the nursing or just the sheer exhaustion of being a new mom. Why not nibble on something that is delicious and light on calories at the same time.

  • Organic Wheat Bran - Organic Ragi Flour - Organic Oats Flour - Organic Wheat Flour - Organic Flax Seeds - Raw Kokum Butter - Raw Jaggery - Natural Vanilla Extract - Himalayan Rock Salt