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Flat 10% Off On Your First Purchase (Min. Rs. 1499) Code : MAMAFIRST.

Fraction Puzzle - Montessori Puzzle

Original price Rs. 1,799.00 - Original price Rs. 1,799.00
Original price Rs. 1,799.00
Rs. 1,799.00
Rs. 1,799.00 - Rs. 1,799.00
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Make Math Fun!

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  • Ideal for ages 1 years and above
    Ideal for Boy, Girl, & Unisex
    Durable and child-friendly
    Lightweight, made of High Quality Birch Ply
    Made with sustainable wood and environmentally friendly, non-toxic paints
    Soft and smooth edges making them safe
    Weight:  1.5Kgs

  • This wooden fraction montessori puzzle is the perfect blend of education and fun. A wonderfully designed wooden toy that makes learning fractions easy and even introduces geometry to your child. In the process of completing the circle, your child will be able understand how fractions work. They will be able to see how two 1/4s equal 1/2, four 1/8s equal 1/2, and so on.

    The concept of fractions can be difficult for children to grasp in the abstract. Instead of just using pen and paper to teach fractions, which can be a complicated subject, turn it into a tangible experience. The wooden fraction puzzle gives a concrete two-dimensional experience of how one whole circle can be divided into halves, thirds, quarters, and so on.

    Mama Tips: The best way to learn is to make it as practical as possible. With this wonderful invention, you'll be able to give your child a strong foundation in numbers. 

  • Improves creativity
    Hones Motor Skills
    Expands Vocabulary
    Enhances Problem Solving Skills
    Skill Development
    Montessori Training

  • 56 Piece Fraction Puzzle - The Montessori puzzle is made of 55 fraction pieces—2[1/2], 3[1/3], 4[1/4]  10[1/10], and a base plate.