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Wooden Chalk Blocks

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Original price Rs. 2,585.00
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Draw. Build. Break. Erase. Repeat  

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  • Ideal age: 2 years and above
    Made from premium quality beech wood
    Handmade in India
    Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, and safe 

  • Wooden chalk blocks combine the two most amazing open-ended toys - blocks and chalk, in one product! Blocks are a great tool to encourage imagination and independent play in your child. The beauty of a chalk block is that today it is a city, tomorrow a jungle, and the next day a car garage, a child can draw whatever scene they imagine and build out . Block play provides an excellent opportunity for social and physical development and enhances creativity. What can be done with this toy is truly endless!

    Mama Tips: Just when we thought blocks couldn't get more fun! Give them a piece of chalk and they'll be drawing and building for hours on end.

  • Problem-solving
    Social development
    Physical development

  • Watch your child draw, scribble, doodle to their heart’s content, and then rub it and start again.
    Set of 20 blocks packed in an eco-friendly bag for easy storage.