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Sugar-Free Rosemary Cookies

Rs. 330.00

Rosemary Cookies for those with a "Salt-Tooth"


This twist on cookies includes garden fresh rosemary for those who like a little extra “salty” mixed in with their sweet. Made from all-natural, vegan ingredients, this new trend of herb in a dessert is becoming a fast growing favourite!

Ingredients: Flour - Vegan Butter - Maltitol - Vanilla Extract - Edible Mineral Salt - Natural Rosemary

Mama Tips: A rosemary twist to the regular cookie. This sweet and salty cookie is addictive but luckily, healthy. A great snack for the entire family.

Finer Details:

  • Shelf life of the product-  6 months in a sealed condition
  • Packed in glass jars
  • Keep in a cool and dry place
  • These cookies do not contain any preservatives