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Reversible Waterproof Baby Essentials Bag - Ikat Chevron and Shruberry

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Original price Rs. 599.00
Rs. 599.00
Rs. 599.00 - Rs. 599.00
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Convenience meets Versatility in a bag that is ideal for Mamas

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  • Product Description
  • Fabric and Care
  • Reversible
    Waterproof on both sides
    Dimensions: Length 16.5cm, Top Width 25cm, Bottom Width 31cm

  • A snazzy little bag that can be used in oh-so-many ways. Whether you're travelling, running errands or lounging by the pool or the beach, this zippered, clutch bag will come in handy. Not too big, nor too small, it is the perfect solution for the million things Mothers need to keep handy. 

    Mama Tips: This bag is what you need to tote around those mandatory toys that need to come everywhere with us, diapers for emergency, sunscreen and a million other things! It is a Mama must-have. 

  • TPU Coated. The bag can be turned inside out to change prints. 

    Care: If the bag comes in contact with a soiled diaper. Run it under water before washing the bag like regular clothes with detergent.