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Star Sense Sensual Eau De Perfume - 30ml

Rs. 1,800.00

A bouquet of warm, spicy scents in a bottle


A scented symphony of spicy and warm notes, Star Sense is an exquisite and comforting perfume that will carry away the cares of your day. This oriental fragrance is created from an extract of 22 holistic and aromatic herbs combined with fine essential oils. 

The Blend: Extracts of 22 holistic and aromatic herbs - Essential Oils

Mama Tips: A perfume free from anything artificial. A few pumps of the nozzle will keep you feeling fresh and that much closer to nature.

Directions to size:
Point the nozzle in the direction of your body. If your skin gets too wet from the spray, you are holding it too closely. Spray perfume onto your pulse points.

Click here for a complete list of ingredients.