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Natural Hot-Processed Virgin Coconut Oil for Babies and Toddlers - 250 ml

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A super silky, super oil made only with nature's finest

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  • Can be used to moisturize your baby's skin
    Treats diaper rashes 
    100% edible
    Can be used on your baby's hair to stimulate growth
    Rich in anti-oxidants. Can be consumed by breast-feeding mothers
    Can be used to treat nipple cracks in breast-feeding mothers
    No preservatives. No additives

  • This 100% natural, hot-processed, virgin coconut oil is made the traditional Kerala way by heating coconut milk in a bronze vessel. The coconut milk is heated at a constant temperature with continuous stirring to ensure the best quality oil at the right temperature. This recipe is what the older generations call traditional ventha velichenna. Natural flavours are retained in the oil throughout the whole process. 

    Mama Tips: Coconut oil in its purest form has so many benefits! Who would have thought? One bottle of this and both Mama and Baby stay happy and healthy.