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Use code MAMAFIRST for 10% off on your first Pre-Paid order above ₹1499.
Use code MAMAFIRST for 10% off on your first Pre-Paid order above ₹1499.

Floral Delight - Waterproof Wet Bag

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Original price Rs. 599.00
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A Multi-Functional, Practical Bag for Mamas

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  • Care
  • Reusable, Waterproof & Leakproof Wet Bags
    Organic and Sustainable 
    Ample Storage
    Zipper and Strap for convenience
    Multi-functional bag
    Phthalate-free and Lead-free   

  • These Waterproof wet bags are perfect alternatives for single-use plastic bags.  They come with two zippered compartments that allow you to keep wet and dry things separate. Each bag contains a "wet" section that is sewn and sealed for no wicking or leaking. This level of practicality a mother will truly appreciate!
    Great for carrying diapers, dirty gym clothes, and wet swimsuits, they aren't just handy for wet stuff - these bags make excellent organizers for toys, accessories, toiletries, electronics, travel, and more!
    The bag comes with a snap handle, so you can snap it wherever you need it - stroller, changing table, or suitcase. Plus, they're safe to use with phthalate-free and lead-free.

    Mama Tips: This one screams PRACTICAL. As Mamas we always have at least 25 things to carry and organize when we're on the go. Introducing a bag that solves our problems!

  • 14.5inch x12inch

  • Step 1: Toss any particles or waste in the bin

    Step 2: Pre-rinse with a gentle detergent to remove any residue

    Step 3: Soak the bag for 20 - 30 minutes in water mixed with a mild detergent or toss the bag into the washing machine for a short cycle of 15 to 20 minutes or with your the rest of your clothes at a regular cycle. 

    Step 4: Scrub well with both hands and avoid using a brush. Rinse away all the suds and detergent. For Machine Wash, Spin Dry bag

    Step 5: Line dry under the sun for a freshness.