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Odopro™ Organic Anti-Odour Skin Spray for Cats & Dogs - 200ml

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Get Rid of That Unwanted Smell, Naturally


Love your pet, but not that smell? A few sprays can get rid of odour with zero chemicals. It's perfect when it’s too cold and you’d rather not put your pet through the hassle of a bath. Apply this topically to treat Seborrhea, a skin condition that causes an excessive amount of sebum. The Silver Nano Particles tackle bad body odour, dry, scaly, flaky, itchy and red skin. It is ideal for puppies and kittens but can be used for adult dogs and cats too.

The Blend: Biologically-produced Silver Nano Particles, Bacterial Proteolytic Enzymes

Mama Tips: The typical pet smell cannot be completely avoided but an organic solution to eliminate them is a welcome deal to all pet parents.

Finer Details:

  • Organic
  • Safe to lick
  • Eliminates body odour
  • Tearless
  • Alcohol-free
  • Treats Seborrhea
  • Safe to use
  • Anti-itching properties