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Organic Anti-Odour Skin Spray for Cats & Dogs - 200ml

Rs. 550.00

Brand: Wiggles

Product Description: Love your pet, but not that smell? A few sprays can get rid of odour with zero chemicals.

  • Perfect solution, when it’s too cold and you’d rather not put your pet through the hassle of a bath
  • Apply this topically to treat Seborrhea, a skin condition that causes an excessive amount of sebum
  • The Silver Nano Particles tackle bad body odour, dry, scaly, flaky, itchy and red skin
  • Ideal for puppies and kittens, but can be used for adult dogs and cats too
  • To use, just spray all over the coat and comb from head to tail

Organic, no worries when licked, Eliminates body odour, Tearless and alcohol-free, Treats Seborrhea, Safe to use, Anti-itching properties

Biologically-produced Silver Nano Particles, Bacterial Proteolytic Enzymes, It contains other soothing components which enhance skin moisture and protect pet's skin.

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