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Pampering Yourself Through Pregnancy

pregnancy, not only is your body changing, but your skin goes through various transitions as well. The ‘pregnancy glow’ that everyone talks about, where the skin is naturally healthy and bright due to the hormones in your body, is all well and good, but rarely does anyone talk about the other skin-related side effects during pregnancy like sensitivity, acne, and skin discolouration.

Despite all the care that you give your body during these months, who actually does have the time to deal with all the strange and unexpected changes happening to your skin? On the downside, what if your regular skin care regime stops working, and you’re worried that your pre-pregnancy products might not be safe to use for your baby and you? Well, fret not. Mama, Naturally brings some of the most natural, safe and refreshing range of skincare products for women during pregnancy. 

To be able to set a skincare routine, you first need to identify your skin type and texture. Smooth and shiny skin requires a lot of discipline and dedication, and whichever regimen you pick, you need to back it up with toxin-free bath and body products. 

Concerns related to pregnancy skincare

With new changes come new concerns, but with enough knowledge and caution, you can easily maintain a basic skincare routine throughout your pregnancy

During the pregnancy period, the skin is more sensitive than usual, and you might experience some allergic reactions. If there is a noticeably increased sensitivity in your skin, then try this gentle skin care product, Soak It Up- Natural Moisturizer with zero added or artificial colors. Made with non-comedogenic oils that moisturize your skin without blocking the pores, it also helps in keeping your skin hydrated for a long time. As an added advantage, this special product comes with added nutrients that help the skin stay nourished.

Natural ingredients for clear and smooth skin and hair

Smooth and healthy skin is free from wrinkles, dryness, acne, and hyperpigmentation and is adequately hydrated. Using a skin care product with natural ingredients like coffee, essential oils, cold-pressed plant oils, like eucalyptus, will unlock the route to healthier skin. The following ingredients will help you maintain an effective skincare routine during pregnancy:

  • Coffee: Not only can a nice freshly-brewed cup of coffee help kick start your day, but it can also help your skin. The coffee powder unclogs the pores to give your skin a glowing effect. It will exfoliate your skin and also help stimulate blood circulation. Using coffee products like Espresso Yourself Coffee Body Scrub and Natural Coffee Body Scrub will help in the reduction of cellulite and stretch marks. These products work like a moisturizer for your skin while also keeping it safe from sun damage. 


  • Essential Oils: Have you ever wondered about the benefits of essential oils for skincare? Products with citronella or peppermint essential oils give your skin a deep moisturizing balm effect. It works as one of the best moisturizers for dry skin. Natural Citronella Body Balm and Natural Peppermint Body Cream are made from cruelty-free and all-natural ingredients. It is a blend of multiple essential oils like virgin olive oil, Shea butter, sweet almond oil, and many more. 


  • Lemongrass: This ingredient not only helps you relax but also draws out toxins, balances pH levels, and lowers stress. Adding bath salt products like The Grasshopper Lemongrass and Lavender Levitate to your bathing routine will improve your sleep, relax sore muscles, flush out toxins and reduce inflammation. 


Add a rich and calming body lotion to your skincare routine to help keep your skin smooth, soft, and moisturized. Made with a combination of refined cold-pressed plant oils, natural vitamins, ceramides, and liposomes, Lavender Body Lotion leaves your skin feeling pampered throughout the day. It is ideal for a dry skin type and is infused with pure lavender essential oil. 


Pregnancy can be a rollercoaster ride filled with mood swings, so starting your day with a warm shower topped off with a blooming and energizing perfume can keep you feeling vibrant and fresh, especially when it’s made with natural ingredients. Mama, Naturally brings to you Rain Flower Jasmine Eau De Perfume and Freedom Citrus Eau De Perfume to keep you feeling calm and closer to nature. These perfumes are made with a blend of 22 holistic and aromatic herb extracts and essential oils with paraben-free, chemical-free, and heavy metal-free properties.  

Enjoy your pregnancy and make it an experience you will cherish forever, with these simple tips, tricks, and loving products.

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