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Owl Gear Toy

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Gear Up your Future Mechanic

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  • Ideal age: 2 years and above
    Made with eco-friendly materials
    Non-toxic and baby-safe ink

  • The Owl Gear toy is a creatively satisfying and educational toy. It challenges your child to arrange the cogs together to make them move in unison. This toy improves critical thinking and coordination and focuses on building fine and gross motor skills whilst benefiting many other aspects of their overall development. Since the gears can be removed and re-arranged, it also promotes spatial awareness along with cause and effect from a young age. A great STEM toy that assists with hands-on learning and promotes creative problem-solving. 

    Mama Tips: Keep those tiny fingers and that ever-alert mind busy with this sweet little owl.

  • Critical thinking
    Creative thinking
    Fine motor skills
    Hand-eye coordination
    Cognitive thinking

  • This owl-shaped activity board has four slots and four cogwheels packed in an eco-friendly cloth bag. Adult supervision is recommended at all times.