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Get 10% off on your first order over ₹1500. Use code MAMAFIRST.

Vehicle Dough Kit

Original price Rs. 1,799.00 - Original price Rs. 1,799.00
Original price Rs. 1,799.00
Rs. 1,799.00
Rs. 1,799.00 - Rs. 1,799.00
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Play Dough in all its Glory

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  • Homemade Plastic-free dough with natural ingredients
    Curated with skin safe fragrance 
    Handmade by Indian artisans
    Material used: Flour, Salt, Fragrance and Colour (Safe on the skin)
    Comes with Wooden Stamps
    Colours: Yellow, Red, Brown
    Ideal Age: 2.5+ 

    Returns accepted within 48 hours of delivery

    Playdough although safe is not meant to go into the mouth. If put in the mouth please have it immediately removed.

  • A luxury homemade dough with natural ingredients that is  soft, pliable and has a curated signature fragrance. Dough Pod is a plastic-free play dough that is 100% skin-safe.  Each of the themes come with natural loose parts sourced from various regions of the country to allow your child a holistic, sensorial experience.
    The Dough pod comes with handy little add-ons like a wooden spoon that allows your child to manage the usage of the dough. It subconsciously prepares the child for an important lesson of saving, storing and rightfully using the dough. All this topped up with a signature fragrance that is subtle, refreshing, and calming. 

    Mama Tips: The sweetest little play dough kit. A full set that will keep your little one's creativity busy for hours together. 

  • Subtle, refreshing, and calming fragrance 
    Sensory skills
    Imaginative play 
    Open-ended play

  • You will receive:

    3 colours | 100 grams each
    A bag full of natural loose parts such as wooden blocks, natural branches, wooden sticks, and bricks
    A message bottle filled with black gravel
    5 Wooden Stamps
    1 wooden spoon to scoop out the play dough