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Jungle Pegging/Lacing Toy(Age 3+ Years)

Rs. 1,095.00

Brand: Shumee

Product Description:

Peg it, thread it or just play with it, here's an innovative way to tell new tales.

10 beautifully handcrafted unique little blocks painted on both sides with a little hole in the middle to peg on a stand, or to lace with a wooden needle that comes with the set.

This Wooden Lacing Toy comes with 2 Blunt wooden needles to push through the blocks. Strong soft yarn to thread the needles and string the blocks together. One peg stand base to create a story.

The Benefits: Enhance Communication & Motor Skills | Engages Creativity

How to play?

  • String the blocks together with the thread and needle provided in the set and undo it when done. String a different way the next time. Makes countless combinations with the same blocks.
  • Stack them on a peg stand and learn about stacking shapes, and patterns.
  • Engage in pretend play as each set can be used as a toy set for pretend play.
  • Learn to count as they string them together or when they stack them up.
  • Keeps your little ones engaged for hours as they thread each block together to make a little farm on a string.

This classic wooden lacing toy is made from eco-friendly materials and natural, non-toxic, water-based paints keeping child safety in mind. Certified and tested by ASTM international standards.