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Alphabet Building Blocks

Rs. 1,195.00

Brand: Shumee

Product Description:

These wonderful multitasking alphabet blocks are perfect to help your child learn the alphabet, build words, or get creative building unique structures. It comes with 13 brightly coloured, classic large wooden blocks with alphabets, numbers, and lovely illustrations and a muslin bag to carry the blocks around in, making it a perfect outdoor, playdate, and travel toy.

The Benefits: Learn the alphabet & spelling | Engages Creativity

How to play?
These blocks are toys that grow with age. For a younger child, you can use it to teach them the alphabet and capital and small letters. Teach them the words of illustrations on the blocks and help them link words and their starting alphabets. As your child grows, they can use these as reading blocks to build new words that they learn. They can play guessing games, scrabble, and even use this set to build towers and add it as an element in other games.

This toy is made of ivory wood and is painted using non-toxic water-based colours. It is 100% child-safe and certified by ASTM international standards.