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Smart Lines - 32 Blocks

Original price Rs. 3,499.00 - Original price Rs. 3,499.00
Original price Rs. 3,499.00
Rs. 3,499.00
Rs. 3,499.00 - Rs. 3,499.00
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Build. Break. Build Again.

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  • The blocks come with diagonal and cross grooves for building stronger, taller structures.

    Encourages your child to think differently. Each groove gives them the opportunity to build differently. 

    Wooden Planks can be bought separately on the website to complete the set.

    Ideal Age Group: 5 to 6 years

    Made in India

    Takes 48 hours to ship.

  • A set of wooden blocks that come with a set of diagonal and cross grooves that will present your child with the opportunity to build in different ways. Slants. thatched roofs lifted floors and so much more! The possibilities are infinite. Keep them engaged with this innovative way to build. 

    Mama Tips: With a set like this, there's nothing your child cannot build. Lay these out and let that creative mind go wild. 

  • Building - Planning - Motor Skills Development - Boosts Creativity

  • 16 Blocks with diagonal grooves & 16 Blocks with "plus" shape grooves