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Shine on Waterless Shampoo - 200ml

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A Convenient Path to A Fresh Pupper

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  • The Blend
  • Directions for Use
  • Makes the coat soft & shiny
    Maintains hygiene
    Settles Stress and Anxiety
    Ideal pH for Sensitive Skin
    Natural Ingredients. Paraben Free. Cruelty Free. No artificial fragrances.
    No Sulphates. SLS free. Vegan

  • Shine On waterless Shampoo is a mess free way to keep our dogs clean and their coat soft and shiny. It has a pH ideal for sensitive skin dog and combination of natural ingredients that will soothe the skin and leave the coat with a fresh aroma. 

    Mama Tips: A convenient way to keep your pup fresh in between baths. This super concoction is what every pet parent needs to keep that coat shiny.

  • Papaya - Enriches fur and coat
    Aloe Vera - Add shine and nourishment
    Avocado - Maintains shine and the health of the coat
    Oat Protein - Makes the coat strong and healthy
    Lavender Oil - Calms and relieves stress

  • Spray on the coat. Leave it on for 2 - 3mins. Use a dry towel to gently rub the coat and remove dirt and oil. Use a comb or brush to get a soft coat.