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Rainbow Hand Kite - Small

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Bring Magic to Playtime with Colour

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  • Ideal age: 3 years and above
    Non-toxic and child-friendly
    Comes with ribbons in red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple
    Lightweight made with ivory wood and satin ribbon
    Each ring is 7cm wide and has 6 colours of ribbons tied on them

  • Enhance the creative instinct of your child with these delightful rainbow kites. Watch them dance, twirl, jump, and play. You will be surprised to see how creatively your child will re-purpose this simple toy with their imagination. The rainbow hand kite is a perfect companion to your child during travels or a simple neighbourhood walk. This product will add never-ending magic to your child's movements.

    Mama Tips: Rainbow hand kites will make our kids dance, jump, twirl, and spin. Watch them get creative every day while they develop their motor skills simultaneously. 

  • The product comes in a paper envelope and weighs around 200 grams
    Material specification: Ivory Wood and Satin Ribbon

  • Sensory and gross motor skill development
    Encourages movement
    Enhances creativity