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Magnetic Drawing Board, Tangram, Puzzle

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Original price Rs. 2,099.00
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Back to Basics with this Wooden Board

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  • Ideal for ages 3 years and above
    The set contains one whiteboard with small child-safe markers
    Also includes letters, numbers, and basic mathematical symbols.
    Comes with small magnetic picture puzzles that can be placed on the board.
    Dimensions:  33 X 32 X 4 cm

  • Whether they want to doodle, learn numbers, letters or problem-solve, this board can cater to each and every one of those whims. A versatile piece that introduces your little one to the basics. The puzzle pieces are colourful, making an eye-catching making the whole setup FUN!

    Mama Tips: Teaching your child can be a frustratingly challenging but this wonderful tool makes the process interesting for our kids and us parents alike. 

  • The set contains:
    1 Whiteboard
    Child-safe markers
    Letters, Numbers and Math Symbols (plus, minus etc.)
    Magnetic Picture Puzzle Pieces

  • Colour cognition - Mathematical operation - Letter recognition -  Pattern recognition.