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All-Natural Liver Bites for Cats, Dogs & Puppies

Liver Bites for Cats, Puppies & Dogs- 100g

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Brand: Clever Canine

Product Description:

These 80% chicken liver treats are super delicious and hard to resist. They’re great to entice even the fussiest eaters with high protein and healthy ingredients. These treats are great for cats, puppies and dogs. Warm up in the microwave for that added oomph and burst of flavour.

Chicken Liver Soft treats for cats, puppies & dogs.
80% chicken liver recipe
Four ingredient recipe: chicken liver, egg, olive oil, wheat flour...that's it.
High protein and extra delicious flavour.
Awesome for training: Dog trainers said their furry students paid attention in classes as the treat increased their concentration levels by 100% !

Mama Tips: Yummy little treats full of nutrients and natural goodness for your cat or dog. If you're a mixed pet household, this one-stop bag will have all your furry babies paying attention just a tad bit more. 

**Only shipping within Bangalore City. These are delivered frozen to ensure no melting happens en route.