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Lemongrass Dishwashing Detergent - 500g

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No Chemical Residue, Just Clean Utensils


Leave your dishes squeaky clean, naturally. After all, you don’t want any of that stuff making its way to your family's tummy. 

The Blend: Organic Lemongrass essential oils, Soapberry, Baking soda

Mama Tips: For clean, shiny utensils it's always recommended to keep it natural. As effective as any commercial dishwashing detergent, this no chemical formulation is a must-own,

Finer Details:

  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • All-natural
  • No chemicals

How to Use: 

Add a dash of powder to a wet sponge, and wash as usual. For tougher stains, add a little detergent to warm water and let vessels soak for 15 minutes. Store in a cool dry place. Please use a dry spoon to measure out detergent, and avoid exposure to moisture.