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The Grasshopper Lemongrass Bath Salt

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Rose Petals and Lemongrass to keep stress levels at bay. 


These bath salts will perfect your bath after a long, hard day. Designed with rose petals and lemongrass to help you relax, draw out toxins, lower stress and balance your natural pH levels. The rose petals provide a refreshing, uplifting scent while the lemongrass essential oil, calms and acts an anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent. A dash of this in the tub, bucket or even just to soak your feet and you'll have no choice but to unwind and relax. 

The Blend: Organic epsom salts, Rock sea salt, Organic coconut oil, Organic lemongrass essential oil, Rose petals

Mama Tips: We Mamas have no time for spas but these bath salts will re-create the experience. Take that relaxing bath you crave oh so much to the next level with this beautiful bottle of bath salts. You will not regret it!

Finer Details:

  • Size - 90g
  • Use within 12 months of manufacture
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Bottled in glass

Directions for use: 

Bath tub: Add 5-6 spoonfuls to your warm water bath
Bucket bath: Add 2-3 spoonfuls to your bucket of warm water
Soak your feet: Add 1-2 spoonfuls to your bucket of warm water