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Itch No More Shampoo with Conditioner for Dog - 250 ml

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A Super Powered Body Wash for an Itch-free Dog

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  • Ideal for 8 months and above
    Reduces itching, Repels Fleas and Ticks
    Soothes sensitive skin
    Gets rid of dandruff
    Fights fungal infections
    Uses essential Oils - Tea Tree & Lemongrass.
    Enriched with - Neem Supercritical Extracts & Flaxseed Oil

    Natural Ingredients. Paraben Free. Cruelty Free. No artificial fragrances.

  • If your doggo is suffering from fleas, ticks and overall sensitive skin, this body wash is what he/she needs. Bathe your dog with this specially formulated shampoo with the goodness of Supercritical Neem Extracts, Aloe and Calendula, to wash those troubles away.

    Mama Tips: A miracle body wash that soothes, repels ticks and fleas and gets rid of any itchiness all at once. You'll be getting a lot of licks post bath time with this concoction.  

  • Tea tree Essential Oil - cleanses and repels ticks and fleas
    Neem Extracts - anti-rash, repels ticks and flease
    Castor Oil - moisturizes dry skin
    Flaxseed Oil - soothes itchiness, nourishes
    Lemongrass Essential Oil - anti-bacterial

  • This is an SLS and Paraben-free formulation that does not have artificial surfactants. Therefore, it will lather less.

    Take the regular shampoo quantity, apply on coat. Preferably use a wet loofah and keep rubbing the coat for a nice cleansing.