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Hobby Horse

Rs. 2,499.00
Color: Dusty Grey

Clickety Clock, it's time to Ride Around the Block


Most kids dream of being a warrior prince or a princess, riding around town on a horse to check on their subjects or lead them into battle. Here's something to encourage free play in your kids and engage in pretend play. The face of the horse and the mane are made of child-friendly felt and hand-stitched with wool. Each stitch has been tugged with precision for the child to ride the horse and use it carefree. The bamboo stick has been hand-sanded and finished with food-grade wood finish coconut oil to keep it smooth.

Sparks: Story-Telling Skills- Imagination - Free Play

Mama Tips: Every kid needs a steed, be it to battle it out, for a rescue mission or to just trot around exploring their kingdom. Hand-made keeping in mind our child's safety this little horsey is a must own!

Finer Details:

  • Hand stitched by local woman artisans in Gujrat
  • 42 inches tall and the horse head is 15 inches long (head to mouth)
  • Made with Bamboo, felt and wool
  • Finished with food-grade wood finish coconut oil
  • Ideal for children above 3 years