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Egg Veg Extra Combo (300g x 4) for Dogs- Pack of 4

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Original price Rs. 1,040.00
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An Egg-sellent Combo Pack

Brand: Fresh For Paws

Product Description:

Your doggies can enjoy the luxury of choice with this combo pack. The Veg stew contains soya granules, a great source of protein for dogs who can't tolerate meat. The pack also contains peas, potatoes and carrots, vegetables that are easily digestible and a great source of fibre and nutrients. 

Ingredients: Egg Whites - Soya Granules - Olive Oil - Peas - Potato - Carrots

Mama Tips: Just cut and pour, these ready to eat meal packs are not only an easy mealtime fix for your doggies but also packed with nutrients for maintaining their health. 

Meal quantities:
100g - 1 meal for a small-sized dog
300g - 1 meal for a medium-big sized dog

Finer Details:

  • Ready to eat
  • Homemade
  • Made with Olive Oil
  • Grains free
  • Contains fresh eggs and vegetables
  • No added preservatives and agents
  • Best before 24 months from packaging
  • No need to refrigerate
  • Once opened consume immediately
Owing to the nature of the product, no returns & refunds accepted.