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Egg White Stew (300g x 1) - Pack of 1

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An Eggcellent Meal Plan for Your Dogs


This stew contains cubes of egg whites, fresh vegetables and olive oil mixed with thick gravy to produce delicious flavours. There is no doubt your doggo will gobble up every last morsel of every meal. With a high protein content, the food promotes muscle growth, helps strengthen hair, and repairs tissues, making your dog happy from the inside out.

Ingredients: Egg White - Olive Oil - Peas - Potato - Carrots

Mama Tips: Enriched with the goodness of eggs and vegetables, this stew is going to be your dogs new favourite for sure!

Meal quantities:
100g - 1 meal for a small-sized dog
300g - 1 meal for a medium-big sized dog

Finer Details:

  • Ready to eat
  • Homemade
  • Made with Olive Oil
  • Grains free
  • Contains fresh ingredients
  • No added preservatives and agents
  • Best before 24 months from packaging
  • No need to refrigerate
  • Once opened consume immediately
Owing to the nature of the product, no returns & refunds accepted.