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Paneer Stew (100g x 5) - Pack of 5

Rs. 400.00

Brand: Fresh For Paws

Product Description: A mix of tender chunks of paneer, fresh vegetables and olive oil, put together to make sure your pets eat a fantastically healthy meal. Free from artificial additives including preservatives, colourings and flavorings, this paneer stew is hand made with love using the naturally hypoallergenic ingredients and is rich in all of the nutrients that dogs require to live active lives.

Paneer: A good source of protein for dogs who are not on a meat diet.
Olive Oil: Defends the immune system and keeps your dog's coat and skin healthy.
Peas: A great source of fiber.
Potato: Easily digestible and gives your dog a boost of energy.
Carrots: Low calorie source, high in fiber and helps with dental care.

Meal quantities:
100g - 1 meal for a small sized dog
300g - 1 meal for a medium-big sized dog

Shipping & Returns:
Orders take 2 working days to be processed
Shipping takes 3 -5 days
Owing to the nature of the product, no returns & refunds accepted.