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Crocodile Wooden Pull Along Toy

Original price Rs. 1,249.00 - Original price Rs. 1,249.00
Original price Rs. 1,249.00
Rs. 1,249.00
Rs. 1,249.00 - Rs. 1,249.00
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A Cheery Croc for a Fun Walk

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  • Ideal for ages 9 months to 3 years. 
    Encourages your baby to move whether it is crawling or walking
    Made with Wood and eco-friendly, water-based colours
    Finished with smooth edges and non-toxic colours to make it safe
    The rope is made with high quality jute that has been smoothened 
    Dimensions: 17×14×15 cm

  • A pull along toy with a happy croc cheerfully playing the drums. This is a great toy to get your little one moving. The colours are bright and the sounds are harmonious making it super attractive for little babies. 

    Mama Tips: A fun, interactive first pull-along time for your little one. This one has so many fun elements, it is a win-win all around.  

  • Made with durable wood, this pull along toy is finished off with round, smooth edges, water-based paint and environmentally friendly, non-toxic coatings which are completely safe for kids. The rope is made with high-quality jute fabric with smooth finishing to avoid friction while pulling the cart.

  • Encourages movement
    Hones Motor Skills