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Coffee Cookies

Rs. 350.00

Wake yourself up with these delicious Coffee Cookies


Perfect for a yummy hit of coffee, these cookies are a must-try for caffeine lovers The perfect snack for mamas who need a wake-me-up jolt. These cookies are made with a special blend of coffee making them even more delicious.

Ingredients: Flour - Vegan Butter - Sugar - Vanilla Extract - Edible Mineral Salt - Dry Coffee Powder

Mama Tips: When you have kids running around you, who has time to savour a cup of coffee right? That doesn't mean you can't get yourself a caffeine hit. These coffee cookies will wake you right up giving you the energy you need to run herd on your little one. 

Finer Details:

  • Shelf life of the product-  6 months in a sealed condition
  • Packed in glass jars
  • Keep in a cool and dry place
  • These cookies do not contain any preservatives. They contain added sugar.