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Bowl Me Up

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Original price Rs. 1,899.00
Rs. 1,899.00
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Family Nights are about to get competitive.

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  • Made with Up-Cycled Wood
    Finished with Natural Lacquer
    The set comes with 6 bowling pins and a ball
    Each bowling pin is 5 - 6 inches tall

  • A fun family game to keep your little one engaged while keeping the mess to at a minimal. Handmade with upcycled wood, it is sturdy enough to fall a million times. Ideal to get some of that pent-up energy released!

    Mama Tips: Lockdown has been tough all around. Nothing like a fun family bowling night for parents and kids alike to mix things up a bit. This fun set will add a healthy does of competition to your household. 

  • Gross motor skills
    Hand and eye coordination
    Physical workout 

  • The set contains 6 bowling pins and a Ball
    Each bowling pin is approximately 5-6 inches tall.