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Godilo Size Guide

Which size do I get?

The Godilo baby carrier is available in three sizes: L0, L1 and L2. Generally, L0 suits wearers who are petite sized XS to S, L1 suits M to L sizes and L2 suits XL to larger sizes.

The fabric is stretchy and it will soften and relax during use and as the baby grows, adapting as best as possible to both the wearer and baby’s bodies.

Is the size too small?

It’s normal that the Godilo will feel a little snug during the first use, but the goal is that your baby is held firmly against you and does not move, similar to a classic carrier. You can try flattening out the fabric on your back to leave more on the front. If your baby still feels too squashed or you’re uncomfortably tight, don’t hesitate to ask us for a size swap.

Is the size too large?

Your baby should not be too low and remain within reach for kisses. If this is not the case, you can twist the sides of the loops and reverse the hems so that the fabric is shortened and the baby is slightly lifted.

You can also wash your Godilo so that the fabric shrinks back to the original size.

Please note that the product cannot be returned or exchanged once washed.